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Welcome To The Warrensburg Piranhas Team Webpage!

We are a not for profit and coach run USA year-round swimming club that has a long swimming tradition in Warrensburg, Missouri and its neighboring communities. In fact, our team draws swimmers from more than 30 miles away!

For more than 40 years average kids have converged at the Nasiff Aquatic Center as well as the Warrensburg Community Center and transformed themselves into the strongest of fish... PIRANHAS.

We strive to make each swimmer the best they can be. By emphasizing technique and time improvement, not what place they finish. Every swimmer is a WINNER on our team and there are NO BENCH WARMERS !

We are all very excited about the sport of swimming - and we believe our team is better than all others in spirit, dedication and fun. The Piranhas have numerous 1st Place finishes in the SMSL Championships and went undefeated in the last 2 season of dual meet competitions.

No one is ever turned away from the Piranhas based upon ability.  Our team does NOT conduct “Try Outs” like other competitive programs. Swimmers with disabilities are welcome and there may be scholarships available for special financial circumstances. We are also very Home School friendly. Many Home School families use the Piranhas Swim Team as their physical education curriculum in their Home School schedule.  Let us know how we can accommodate you.

We are also very proud of the fact that our swimmers often go on to swim in college. Many even on college scholarships. This past year we had current and former swimmers competing at the Collegiate Division 3, Division 2 AND Division 1 levels !!! Piranhas are …. VICIOUS FISHES